Raising funds for Orphans in the Developing World!

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Our Mission

To raise funds for orphan children

Our mission at Strong to Serve, Inc. is to empower and motivate individuals to engage in athletic activities as a means to raise funds for orphan children in the Developing World.

At Strong to Serve, we achieve our mission by participating in athletic events, such as running races, bike races, biathlons, triathlons, etc. We then tap into our network of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to raise funds for orphans through our organization.

Join us! Strong to Serve seeks to leverage your goals of physical fitness to create tangible resources to help orphan children in need around the world.
And remember, there is Strength in Selfless Service to the Helpless! Train, Give, and Serve!

Our Vision

We embrace giving as a win-win situation!

At Strong to Serve, our vision is to become the leading torch bearer of the orphan cause among athletically active individuals. We embrace giving as a win-win situation! The giver gains by becoming more physically active, while orphan children benefit from one’s discipline, training, and generosity.

Come and join us in this exciting journey to transform ourselves and the lives of orphans around the world!  To get in touch, you may email us at info@strongtoserve.org, or write us at our mailing address: Strong to Serve, Inc., PO Box 1257, Halfmoon NY 12065.

Our Values

Train, Give, & Serve!

  • Operational Excellence

    We will embrace operational excellence. We will deliver on our organizational mission with quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. We will focus on tangible results, execute with urgency, and pursue continuous improvement.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    We will harness and promote corporate responsibility as one of the driving forces of our organization. We will actively seek, engage, and collaborate with partners who share a genuine concern for the well-being of orphan children in the developing world, including businesses, governments, NGO's, and civil society.

  • Humility

    We will approach each other and our endeavors with humility. In all things, we will work together to seek the overall good of the organization, not allowing personal agendas and egos to interfere with our mission. In addition, we will think soberly of ourselves. During moments of success, we will be grateful and grounded in reality. During setbacks, we will be teachable and resilient in spirit.

  • Integrity and Transparency

    Integrity and transparency will permeate everything we do pertaining to stewardship, finances, decision-making, and reporting. We will adhere to the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards.

  • Respect and Candor

    We will build trustworthy and productive interactions through respect and candor.

    We will maintain an open environment where different opinions can be discussed with maturity and professionalism.

    We will provide constructive feedback and assess our ideas objectively based on merit.

    We will encourage critical thinking as a means to avoid the trap of group thinking.

    And we will always protect the integrity and character of our colleagues and partners.

Saratoga Springs Strong to Serve Half Marathon and 5K

July 2018 - details to come!

We would like to invite you to volunteer at our next 2018 Strong to Serve Half Marathon and 5K Race on behalf of orphan children in the developing world. This year, we will reaching out to 85 orphans with severe physical and mental disabilities in Nicaragua, Central America. We will be providing financial support to meet their most basic needs: anti-epilepsy and anti-seizure medication and food. Come out and support the cause of orphans!


Volunteer on race event, helping staff water stations for runners and/or being a course marshal. Complimentary t-shirts will be given to all our volunteers!






Peerless Pool in Saratoga Springs, NY

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Raising funds for Orphans in the Developing World!

Make a Donation or Help Volunteer!