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Interesting Facts

How much of my donation goes to the end recipients?

Strong to Serve is a slim organization with a fully non-paid volunteering force. Its fixed costs are minimal so that the majority of donations can reach its intended recipients. Strong to Serve’s target is to have 90-95% of all raised fund reach its intended beneficiaries through direct good and services.

Interesting Facts

How does Strong to Serve choose the orphanages that receive financial help?

Strong to Serve has a set of criteria that orphanages must meet to ensure fiduciary responsibility for the donated funds. Criteria include the following: proper official standing as an orphanage in the country of operation, proven “track” record of financial integrity and accountability, proper care of orphans, and an operational structure that is in line with Strong to Serve’s mission and values.

Interesting Facts

What are the values of Strong to Serve?

Our five core values are 1) operational excellence, 2) integrity and transparency, 3) corporate responsibility, 4) respect and candor, and 5) humility. To learn more about these values, click the link below: Values and Beliefs.

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